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Well, Iíd consider myself somewhat of a sunglass junkie. Oakley, Maui, Hobie, Costa, NativeÖIíve tried most of the big names. For fishing, itís all about relaxing your eyes, cutting the glare, and being easy to maintain for me. Cutting glare and increasing contrast and visibility, Iíve found none better than Costa. Relaxing the eyes, my Natives are light and nimble and have nice replaceable lenses. Easy to maintain, glass lenses. All the polyís Iíve tried scratch way to easy for my lifestyle. I want lenses that clean up quick with a T shirt and some spit. Iíd say my dream glasses are the following:

Lens-Thin, lightweight, scratchproof, replaceable (yellow, amber, gray), all polarized, mirrored
Frame- lightweight and somewhat moldable

Right now Iím loving my Costa Harpoonís with Green Mirror. Good looking frame with full peripheral coverage. Lenses are crystal clear, comfortable tint, and great around the water. Glass lenses are easy to maintain and are almost impossible to scratch. Only downfall is they are slightly heavy and a clouser to the eye could cause some shatteringÖ


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