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Hey flytyer, a big THANKS!

That does give a guy a big boost of confidence. The one I fished yesterday for only about 10 casts (time ran out) is the number 3 in the top pic. Since the pond was glass calm I could see the fly when it ran about 2 feet under or shallower when it got closer to me. Hence the "toothpick" analogy. More like a winglless albino damselfly darting around underwater. I'm getting good info here and will see how my tying progresses after the vise and bobbin get in hand. My head shape and general threadwork are not the neatest and I look to improve with the right tools and a stationary fly instead of hand held forceps and not enough fingers to add and control the fly ingredients. Here's a little bugger fly-no name really and now re-thinking it there would be matching thread not the white that I used. Oh well, I'll learn someday.
"Time's fun when you're having flies!"
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