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Glad to hear you have "seen the light" and decided to get a good vise along with the bobbin and other tying tools. They will make a very big difference in both ease of tying and how well your flies and tied.

These Clousers of yours don't look too bad. They have good proportions, aren't too sparse or too bushy. The thread wraps, etc. will fix themselves in short order after you get the vise and other tying tools. You are tying some pretty decent flies despite having handicapped yourself pretty well with the hemostats for a vise and no bobbin.

Bob Clouser designed his Clouser minnow to be sparse, sparkly, with a prominent eye, and with a jigging motion to imitate a frightened or wounded minnow. Yours are very close to the sparseness of his. Remember, they were designed to give the illusion of life, not bulk, and Clousers are superb in producing the illusion of life.
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