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Tied some Clousers.....sort of....don't laugh...

you might choke or spray your monitor if you're drinking anything.

Here's a few pix of my first ever efforts at Clousers or minnow patterns for targeting Crappie, Bass or whatever. Some are from other recipes and some are just "thought up". After looking at some internet sites for patterns I find I have tied the Half and Half by Clouser and Kreh by accident without ever having seen it first. Just luck I guess. They are similar with common ingredients of peacock herle for a lateral line, peacock crystal flash and either bucktail and fox together or white marabou or light grey hackles and dumbell eyes with white thread. Some of the hooks were bent slightly at up to a 30 degree angle to assist in being more weedless. One was a hackle tail variety with a wound hackle for the body. I fished one yesterday for a few minutes and it appears to be toothpick thin in the water. Is it tied too sparsely? After looking at some recipes, I noticed that many say to tie sparingly, but some were a bit bushier. Just wondering if I need to double up on some materials or keep it "lite"? Please don't look too close at the thread windings, guys, a vise is on order. EGADS! you say? Yep.....I've been tying on my forceps the whole time and after a few hundred flies, I broke down and ordered one, and a bobbin, a bodkin, whip finisher, and hackle pliers. And I cobbled together a laptop box to catch the waste and have a clamping place for the vise. Can't hardly wait. I think the lack of the 3rd hand and the fact that hackles will unwind like a spinning propellor when you get near the hookeye and try to secure them...... and......let go too soon! AUUGGHHh! what a glutton for frustration I am! lol! OK, you can quit laughing now and clean your monitors from drink spray. Surely, I'm not the only guy to have ever hand tied a fly in this manner. Right? a WHOLE LOT of my early flies look like something a barnyard cat yakked up after eating a bird. But one really ugly fly is no more than small cube of white foam with long, knotted peacock herle legs tied helter skelter on it looking like a drowned Daddy-long-legs and it catches fish like nobodies' business...go figure.

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