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When I lived in a area with a lot of black crappie in the stock ponds the ranchers built on their spreads, I found the most effective flies to be either a plain Black Woolley Bugger with a sparse amount of pearl Krystal Flash in the tail on a #8 or #10 4xl hook or a #8 Black Bunny Leech tied with a very short red marabou under tail, black rug yarn body, oval silver ribbing, black bunny strip tied at front of hook and held down with the silver tinsel matuka style, and a very webby black hen hackle collar.

Each of these was weighted with either lead wire under to front 1/3 of the body, a large brass bead tied behind the eye so the body went over it, or extra small led eyes tied after the hackle was wound. The weighting was to give the fly a jigging action as the fly was retrieved with strips and pauses on a floating line.
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