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Thanks, guys....

During the heat of the moment the thinking brain shut down and the reacting brain took over. While the explosive shortstrikes were occurring, all I could do was lift the line and lay it right back down in or near the same spot expecting to hook up each time. Never did happen in that weedline/ drop off to deeper water area and the adrenaline rushes from the big splashes kept me doing the same thing. Guess the fish were having a big laugh on me. When I get this way I start ungluing my backcasts and usually find a piece of terra firma post haste! lol! Hard to believe I get that way just a week or so after returning from Alaska where EVERY fish was bigger than most stuff in my little pond.....sigh.....

Anyway I'll keep your tips in mind and use them when the shortstriking happens again.

Jared- sorry to hear your home pond shut down. Makes me think of the old B.C. comic strip character who always had his head in the river watching fish. Something I would probably do just to see where the fish were and what they were doing. ...maybe holding little picket signs around a sunken can....
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