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SW Sound Slam 10/01-10/02

Been out beating the water to a froth so I havent posted anything in a while so here it goes.

Sat 10/01: Hit the water at 6:am. As the sun rose around 6:30 we were greeted by 100's of birds and tons of swirling and blitzing in the Norwalk Area. High hopes for Albies were quickly dashed after 2 bite offs and a few Blues Landed. Tons of boats chasing blues like they were made of gold! Left the "herd" to look for the 2nd part of the "Slam" . Hit my secret little spot for a Striper. I can usually eek out atleast 1 decent schoolie from this place if not a half dozen. Sure as I predicted...2 casts and whamo! Nice healthy 6lb schoolie. Now I was 2 down and one to go with 4hrs of fishing left before I had to call it quits. As you all know it could take at least 4hrs to find and land these little speedsters. As luck would have it after 20 or 30 shots we had them with me at the helm my trusty fishing buddy Capt. Paul took the wheel and put me into my first albie of the season on the second cast. The fish was no further than 10ft off the bow. I could see my fly... see the fish darting and slashing at the bait then I saw a green streak, an eyeball and watched as my fly was engulfed right infront of me. Nerve racking to say the least as my flyline ripped off the deck.. I just kept repeating to myself.. STAY CALM! The slam is in the bag if you dont do something stupid. After its initial blistering run and a few minutes of dogging me in 90ft of water the slam was complete. Posed for a few pics and was released unharmed ( except for a small piercing its lip.)
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