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Got Crappie Fly Recipes?

Just picked up some materials at the local fly shop for tying minnow patterns and they included soft grey hackles about 4-5 inches with marabou at the quill end, some enameled pearl eyes, crystal flash in peacock and will add buck tail and or fox tail to contrast the light gray hackle. I may tie in a herle on each side for a lateral line. Anybody specifically targeting Black Crappie? If so what flies work well. I'm still a beginning tier and caster and have only caught crappie on the fly once before with a friend last month on gummie flies that he had. They were real effective from my canoe by short casting them with floating line as the breeze pushed us across the pond with no stripping of line. Any ideas would be great. I may try to make some gummies too with a strip of minnow shaped pop-tart mylar embedded in silcone goop with a hook and eyes attached also embedded.....maybe.... depends on how messy it gets.
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