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Topwater Poppers getting shortstrikes....why?

This past weekend I cruised up to my favorite hole, a small one acre pond, filled with Bass, Bluegills, Crappie and cats and usually start early with topwater and as the morning grows change patterns unless something is working effectively then I fish it till it is trashed or until where I'm standing is overworked then I move just enough to get a fresh spot. The topwater efforts this Saturday rewarded me with only ONE small Bass but I had numerous rises and some LOUD slurps and SWOOSHES at the bug. It was nearly nerveracking at times beause I pinpointed an area just at the deep water line where fish (one or more) were just ripping the surface to pieces but not taking the fly. Some rises were dainty swirls while a few were like a brick thrown into the pond. Something below (a small pod of BIG bluegills?) really wanted to clobber it but I never hooked up. Being the fly noob that I am I only changed flies once and both tried were similar sized and colored: red and white. I think now that smaller and darker would have been the ticket, but any enlightenment would be appreciated. Later I got into the fish regularly and pulled out this nice Papermouth for a photo-op before sending him back on his way. The fly is nothing more than a grey guinea body feather with two strands of mylar tinsel and black thread.....real crude and ugly......but I got some minnow and clouser materials at lunch today and will try for some better results to target Crappie.

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