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OK- you got me, the skunk cabbage is....

the one on the right side of the trail as you leave the POWHA hatchery going behind John's house and heading towards the mouth. My buddies nickname all the holes and this particular spot in actually off the river about 20 feet where the feeder creek feeds the river just below the hole we call the "boat ramp" because of the rock formation that comes up out of the water like a ramp when the river is not real high. The boat ramp is the first area after the rocky point which is just barely below the 300 foot marker. So now you can say "I knew it!". I'm actually sitting / kneeling in the the creek area that you cross to continue on the trail. Haven't targeted steelhead in AK as our trips are always with the Coho return. I worked with John, Sadie, Joyce, and Charley this past trip and got to say hi to Peter the Native fisheries guy who had caught that monster steelhead a while back. he was on his way to count sockeye in feeder creeks up around the lake I think. Nice to hear from an Islander. Bet you see an innummerable quantity of humpies and lures if you got in the river right now.
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