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Gaspé's Final Counts

Thought I'd give you a little update on the Gaspé.

final counts on the three rivers...

176 grilses
634 salmon
Total: 810

244 grilses
1088 salmon
Total 1332

294 grilses
906 salmon
Total 1200

September fishing this season compared to 2004 was a little more difficult, due to low water conditions.
Most hook ups were with NO 10,12 & 14 flies.... !!
Very politely, we were successful landing numerous fish!

Counts above were done in late September, however, there are more fish coming in.... last day, Sept 30, we fished Dartmouth river and could see 21 fresh fish below the lower bridge in Sector 1. ( estuary waters... )

Success to those still fishing!!


( pre-season draws coming up soon )
Keep'em in the water!!

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