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Hi guys,

This thread hit pretty close to home for me. I have been living/working on Prince Of Wales for the past three summers now and have taken a great interest in the condition of local steelhead populations. During the spring I perform snorkel surveys in many streams that support these fish and seldom do I count a fish over 36". They are there, but few, few, very few and far in between.

The susbsistence harvest of steelhead is a whole new can of worms there. I have mixed feelings about that one, none of which will be discussed here. I am really happy that these fish are coming out of the Klawock river and not some of the other watersheds on the island. Best to keep the wild genes spawning!

All else, that is a pretty sweet Coho you have there. I might be inclined to ask where it was caught however, I think I recognize that skunk cabbage behind you in the photo.

Happy fishing.
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