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Redden and Ice Caps

Good evening,
"Were running out of time, this time were going to do it" Those were the words of Judge James Redden today as he rejected the 2 year period sought by the Federal Government and instead agreed with Enviromentalists and Native tribes to a reduced 1 year period to come up with a plan to increase the numbers of endangered Salmon on the Columbia and Snake Rivers.
I applaud Judge Reddens decission to "force the hand" in the Salmon issue. Short sited ideas over long periods of time are not what's needed here, decisive long term goals for increased populations are key!
If you care about the fish, and I dont just mean the endangered ones, then support the Judges decission by contacting the government offical in your area and letting them know that this and all of the Endangered Species Act needs to be kept in place. It's that important!
On another note, the Summer Polar Ice Cap is melting at a rate that has reduced its size by 20% since 1979.This has already raised the ocean's level The Ward Hunt ice shelf started cracking in 2000 and now is breaking into pieces. The cap as a whole is melting at a rate of 9% per decade.
More later
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