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Feed Conversion ratio (F.C.R.)

The ratio of the gain in the wet body weight of the fish to the amount of feed fed. The true F.C.R includes wasted feed and mortalities. The ratio, usually expressed as a true ratio (i.e. 1 : 1.5) is often quoted as a "rate" (1.5). Feed conversion ratios of less than 1 : 1 are possible with commercial diets, as the pellet being fed is a "dry" diet, and a high percentage of weight gained by the fish, is water trapped in the tissues and cells. Feed conversion ratios with commercial "dry" diets are typically in the region of 1 : 0.8 to 1 : 1.5. Ratios with wet diets are higher than this, and can be as high as 1 : 10.
this is taken from the "Aquaculture dictionary" at

Also a good read, and very factual;
Net loss of wild fish to produce farmed salmon

Net cage aquaculture is a non sustainable practice. The world still needs to be fed. Something has to change on a grand scale. With a little bit of public pressure and proactive legislation, we could phase out net cage aquaculture. We just need something to replace it with.
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