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Braided dacron

I strip the coating, then slide a six inch legnth of braided dacron (30 lb backing) 1" onto the coating. Then I thread the other end of the dacron in a needle, stick it into itself starting where the coating is stripped, exit 1/2" down the coated part. Pull to draw the stripped core into the dacron "sleeve" to form the loop. Use a four turn nail knot to secure the loose end of dacron, over the sleeve. Like you say, Juro, tighten both sides of the knot, by pulling on the standing end and the loop. Make it bite into the coating. Brush on two coats of Solvent/Cement, allowing first to dry for 5 min. Cures overnight but could be put in service after an hour.
As far as I know, (and I forget which manufacturer's literature let this slip) all lines floating and sinking are PVC coatings. I'm not sure about clear lines but its pretty likely. Floating has air bubles in it, sinking has glass beads or tungsten powder in it. I'll bet they used to have lead in them. I've done this to sinking lines, haven't tried a floater yet. The Primer/Cleaner doesn't seem to harm dacron or nylon.
If I could figure out where to get those little PVC tubes, like Rio uses on their welded ends, I could do away with the dacron sleeve and it would be alot quicker. I don't expect them to give away their secrets, but somewhere in the industrial supply world lurks the PVC tube - and I will find it! I think I'll look in the electrical section first. Please PM me if I'm getting out of line with sponsors trade secrets, all my lines are from Rio, I love them and they work great. I just feel the incessant need to modify things.
Juro, now that I have your attention please review my fish farming proposal in the conservation forum. This could be huge and no one has even responded to it yet. It totally blows net cages and commercial fishing right out of the water, and protects native fish populations at the same time.
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