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PVC Solvent

Works really good for seperating the coating from the core of your fly line for making loops and splices.
1. Get some clear PVC Primer/Cleaner from the plumbing supply house or hardware store.
2. Dip the end of your line right in the can for 10 or 20 seconds.
3. Use a soft tool, like not your fingernail. to pull the now softened coating off the core. It should just slide right off and leave the braided dacron core perfectly clean and unscathed.
I'm trying PVC Solvent/Cement as a coating over top of my splices, it is also available in clear and is basically the primer plus some PVC solids. It looks good and is easy to work with right out of the can. A close examination of a certain name brand line splice looks like they slid a braided (nylon or kevlar?) sleeve over the core, folded it to form the loop, then slid a pvc tube over the doubled line and then cemented it. If any one knows where to get the braided sleeves and the tubes please post it. If anyone has already posted the PVC Pimer/Sealer useage, my apologies. I ran a search on the forum and did not find it.
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