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Foodmeister final call

OOOh it's soooo close!

Mike and I are going food shopping tonight so I thought I would post to get any last minute info. No one suggested Mike cool his chilli down so it looks like it will be hot.

The closest count I can get by perusing the posts is 18 for dinner and 16 for breakfast. Juro if you have more accurate info we'd love to hear it.

Pre dinner munchie and other stuff volunteers:

Alan P. will bring chips and cheeses
Roop will bring veggies and dip
Al D will bring a big pot
multiple stove volunteers
Mike Powers offered an espresso maker if he comes but it still looks like a definite maybe by the last post.

We could still use salsa for the chips, crackers for the cheeses, and a cast iron "camping" dutch oven if anyone has one.

Thanks all, and think good weather with happy/hungry/willing fish.
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