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Speydoc very interesting and factual post thank you. The later post (copy of a letter) citing the 88% occurence of Columbia origin Kings in the Canadian Troll fishery is probably also accurate for the floating and fixed lodge fishery that you cite in your post.
To say that many of them are ESA listed fish might be a bit of a stretch there are an awful lot of Chinook returning to the Coloumbia that are not from listed stocks the key to not harvesting the listed stocks comes from timing the various fisheries to occur when the listed stocks are not present (at least when at all possible).
As much money as everyone spends to fish on the Dean I would imagine that they ( the Provincial Fishery types) would be performing some type of analysis on the health of the run. At a minimum I would imagine they look at redd counts and smolt out migration to keep a baseline of knowledge, but I have never heard of anything other than an occasional "Creel Census" during the fishery (mostly checking for proper permits).
Paying the local gillnetters to tag the fish they catch is a novel idea, howevr having been engaged in many types of fishing throughout my lifetime I would be so bold as to point out that paying someone to catch something usualy results in an increase in fishing effort on the speicie that you are paying them to catch.
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