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From two respected steelhead anglers.

From Bob Quigley:

There was a time when the native people on the Bukley were spearing and
netting the fish at Maurice town falls and you could go down and buy what
ever from them, Salmon and steelhead. Then the head of Candian fisheries
came up with the idea of having them net and tag and relase, they paid them
more or the same that they would recieve for selling them dead, I know it
always comes down to dollars and cents on who will pay for these programs,
but why not reduce the licenses for the commercial boys in the dean inlet,
or hire them and put agents on board and work with them, and pay them for
taging and relesaing the large steelhead, that way they still get to net
their salmon, and the tag fish go to the Dean River and that would tell us
alot, also put a value on the return of the tag incase other commercial
guys renet them, or an incentive to return the tags for fisherman. It could
be some kind of quick start, and they can try a work-together program ,
instead of just dictatiing laws that are't going to be followed anyway!

From John DiVittorio:

Got your message on Dean netting. That really sucks but I'm not
surprised. Loomis is getting more and more convinced that selective
harvest is the real key to recovery. Fish seem to be the only
endangered animals that folks can legally kill. A DNA study was
recently done on the salmon caught in the Canadian troll fishery. 88%
were Columbia River stocks and many were endangered or threatened
species. As a result, the Salmon Recovery Alliance made a formal
request to US Customs to ban the importation of this harvest since it
contains endangered species. Should be interesting.
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