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I would get in touch with Robert Anderson for info on the Phillip and also Danny Ripley at Riptide Tackle. i havent talked to anyone about the rivers you mentioned as they usually dont start to fish for another few weeks. I can give you contact info through an email if you wish.
As for Margaree, she was very good to me over a two day period with four salmon landed between 12lb and 15lb and one grilse as well as a ton of big brookies and one rainbow at Barracks
All reports were of fish spread throughout each pool and good water conditions.
The water raised three feet on the 12th and was still rising when i left at supper time. There have been scattered reports of rain in the highlands since then so i wouldnt be suprised if the fishing stayed consistent from here on out. Good luck for those who are fortunate enough to enjoy this fine river!!!
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Feel free to contact me off board if you are going and need a little more in depth info.
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