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There is a parallel BC experience in the crash of the Skeena steelhead fishery culminating in the record low escapement of 1991. The situation was saved by a major cooperative effort of recreational anglers, commercial fishermen and government.

A 46 page booklet tells the story.
by Adam Lewis
Steelhead Society of British Columbia, Bulkley Valley Branch, Smithers, B.C. 2000
QL638.S2 2000

This booklet is sold by the bike shop in Smithers [McBike?]. It is hard to get the store to hand over a copy, for reasons that locals must understand. Copies are kept under the counter, and purchasers, as recently as last year, must make several firm requests to get employees to produce the booklet.

A quote from page 29, "The improved returns in 1998, 1999 and 2000 demonstrate that the most effective way to increase runs of Skeena summer steelhead is to reduce the harvest in commercial fisheries."

And a masterful understatement on page 30, "The only way to save the unique coho salmon of the upper Skeena and allow the runs to rebuild was to stop killing them."

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