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Bigger problem than you might think!

Have you ever considered that there has been a Gillnet Fishery (not to mention Seine Fishery)in the aproaches to the Dean Channel for well over 60 years and during that time we have had some very excellent Steelhead fishing? There is certainly a problem with the number of returning Steelheads throughout there range but I doubt that a few atecdotal comments by "folks" in Bella Colla are going to break the case for all to see the true culprit.
As a matter of fact the so called FOC when under a previous name spent more than a few Dollars Canadian to create a series of Spawning Channels just East of the Mouth of the Dean to enhance the Summer Chum population so that the Gillnetters could have acess to a bounty of Chum in the Dean Channel and its approaches from Sea Forth Channel at Bella Bella on the West to Namu on the South.
Personally I am certain that there is a lot more going on here than over harvest by commercial interception. There is something very wrong in the ocean and I hope that at some time in the not to distant future the sport fishing (West Coast Folks) will conspire to find out what is wrong out to the West of land?
But hey it so easy to just blame the 'others!"( apologys to Jane)
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