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Originally Posted by Eric
Hey, what's the story at Neah Bay and the Swiftsure bank regarding salmonids other than Coho? Were the Pink, Chum and Chinook runs at normal levels, or were they as far off as the Coho? Is there any bait?
I spent 2x5-day trips out there at Neah this year. Would have spent more. We saw 1 herring ball in a total of at least a couple hundred miles of running around. Normally that would be several herring balls PER DAY. Seemed like there was very little bait. Odd. No bird action to lead us to fish.

As for humpies, my wife hooked 1 humpy on a clouser when we were fishing bottom fish off Tatoosh. One. A single humpy. 2 years ago the humpy action out there was crazy. Seriously. We'd leave piles of humpies to find silvers just because we could, and because we'd already hooked so many of those hard fighters. Piles of biting humpies. Great fun.

Chris Bellows, if he is still kicking around this site, is a much better source of info about the year out there compared to previous. He's fished it hard for a good while.

Sexson with his 3rd Grand Slam of the year. Usually when I say good things about one of the M's it is like a snake bite... just don't let him near 3rd base or the curse might infect him.


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