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Hey, what's the story at Neah Bay and the Swiftsure bank regarding salmonids other than Coho? Were the Pink, Chum and Chinook runs at normal levels, or were they as far off as the Coho? Is there any bait? Is the fishery poor just at Neah Bay or does the poor fishing extend to Vancouver Island (east and west) as well? How about Sequim environs?

Down here, the fish have been sporadically coming in to the Alsea. Run (Chinook) seems small and late. There is no bait to speak of, particularly when compared to last year, when the Bay was full of Northern Anchovies. The Silver (Coho) run has not started for the adults, but there are a few jacks around, visible mainly at low tide as they arc out into our Indian Summer air.

Sea Run Cutthroat are very hard to find, although I've heard reports that nearby creeks have had good numbers of fish entering.

One more question: does this sub Forum include estuary fishing for salmon, steelhead, and trout or does this topic belong in another forum? Seems odd to lump the estuary fishing for snook in with cutthroats.

Seems like a poor year all around though. I'm leaving for Kodiak Island next week and hope to find things better there, although weir counts have been dismal.

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