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Flymaster at PI today

I am pretty damn proud of my flies. In a world of flatwings and leadeyes, I feel good about the things I have come to incorporate in my flies over the years. I spent a few hours on the bottom of the tide at PI this AM, with a guy named Scott to the left and a jolly clam drifter to the right. I had landed several fish by then, and the nice old timer to the right landed a 40" cow on clams! Scott started to score on schoolies, and I lost my last deep eel on a rare snag at the bend.

Scott kept the pace, getting to 24"... 26"... 28" and although no legal sized fish were landed the pace and consistency with which he hooked fish was astounding. I had been getting hit 8 of 10 casts until the deep eel was lost, but was down to perhaps 20 casts to each bump on everything else in my box (provided the picking's were slim from some hard spring fishing).

My tactic was to work the sand eel fly right on the sand, but he was stripping in a normal fashion mid-depth or even high in the column in the channel! I tried several flies in the mid/upper column to no avail. Finally I walked down to the bar and hit a dozen or so 18-24" fish on the very shallow shoal using a long bodied sand eel pattern to make myself feel better.

I then walked back up, and Scott was still slammin' fish. I cast out the same fly in the deep channel, nothing. Determined to find a fly that could draw them in such deep dark current without putting the fly beneath them, I went back to everything I had mode. Finally, we both reeled up and I walked over to compliment him as well as see the fly.

It was truly a work of art. For every realism I use for my flies, his made them look impressionistic. I feel most of my patterns are more realistic than common flies, and that common patterns are overly-impressionistic. His fly looked like it would leap from his hand.

He is working on a fly tying book. It will have a title that resembles "Yankee Ingenuity" or "It's the size of the fly" (Scott if you're reading this please forgive me). I handed him a Forum business card and told him I'd be pleased to advertise his work... gratis. Whether he accepts or not, I WILL be looking for the book when completed.

great stuff, Scott!
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