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Originally Posted by juro
Whats the opinion on Sexon? Everytime I tune into the highlights he's swatting one out.
I think that Sexson has done more for the M's than they had any right to expect. Especially coming off a prolonged injury. He should give us around 40 HRs and 120 RBI this season. I think that the M's were optimistically looking for about 25-30HR & 100RBI.

As for 3rd base though, the curse lives on. Beltre is performing almost exactly on par with his career average if you exclude 2004 but he cost the M's ($11.4million this year) as much as a player who should always put up numbers like his anomolous 2004 season .

At least Cirillo is off the books. 2 more years and Spezio will be too. Woohoo!

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