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NZ Trout bum and I went out to Neah Bay and broke camp he towed his camp trailer back to Pugetopolis and I towed his Wahler to my digs here in PA. We did not even attempt to fish out there but we did amuse ourselves in my front yard fishing in my pond! (for bass and trout)
I think this was the worst saltwater salmon fishing that I have ever been involved inbut what do I know I have only been doing this since I was pre kindergarten.Actually I have heard a few rumbles about fair results around Dabob on the approach to the Quilecene. Almost too late for the old "They are Late" theory. Each passing day puts us closer to Spring training for the Lads and next year at Neah Bay. I am looking forward to both but I think I will immerse myself in Steelhead fishing between now and then
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