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Superfund Site Clean-up Site Halted

Good Evening,
The EPA (Enviromental Protection Agency) stoped work at a Superfund Site on the Willamette River in Portland Oregon today when Cancer Causing Chemicals were revealed in downstream testing.
Contractors working for Northwest Natural Gas were in the process of removing Tar from the river bed with a Dredge Bucket when the Chemicals were detected. Nets that were set up apparently failed to keep out fish that were migrating past the site. Some fish died although it is unclear at this point how many (2 Coho Salmon and 3 other species have been found so far) or what exactly was the cause. The dead fish will be removed and a change in the way the Dredge Bucket is applied to the bottom will happen before the Tar removal continues.
The EPA is also having a more stringent downstream water monitoring system put in place.
There are 1305 Superfund Sites nationwide with 12 in Oregon that are ranked "Average"
I fished the Wilson River last Sunday and saw Large fish begining to move up-stream to spawn for the Fall season.
Bad timing!

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