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Thanks, Jere......I'm gonna guess....

you were chasing steelhead??? There is a small fall/ winter return but most action is in the springtime.

A short story on the Klawock river steelhead....I volunteer at one of the local Hatcheries helping count and separate Salmonids as they pass the weir and ladder into the lake with one of the fisheries biologist, Peter, who is a Tlingit (pronounced Kling-it for those who may not know) and works at the Hatchery. So he, also a flyfisher, tells me of his last December Steelheading trip to the mouth of the river and by standing on a boulder is sight fishing to spot one to cast to. Then he hooks up and chases this big Native beauty for 25 minutes up and down the river and he is in and out of holes, riffles, pools, and splashing like a bear following his fish. Then at last he brings it to hand and has it. ....pause.......WOW! Peter, how big was it?, I ask. He holds out his hands ......waaaayyy far apart and says it measured 42 inches! JEEPERS! I almost fall over backwards, literally, recoiling from the impact of his statement and imagining the length and girth of such a beast! WOW! Incredible!, I say.....Did you get a lot of pictures of it?

I hope you guys are sitting down now....

No......He says.........."I ATE IT!"

Inside......I just go ...."AUUUuuuggghhh!" "ohhhhh noooo" I'm dieing on the inside at hearing that but outside.......we both have a somewhat weird laugh together......

The culture thing of the Natives is Catch and Eat with thanks and respect.......but man .....not even a single photo was killing me. ... a 42 inch steelhead would be a lifetime fish; for me anyway. And perhaps after 25 minutes it would have not survived a release being too taxed,spent and fatigued from the fight. Who knows?

"Time's fun when you're having flies!"
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