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Lines, rods, reels are matched by weight..

As I learned from reading and shopping and then first hand by swapping my 5 wt reel with the 8 wt reel with appropriately rated line and BOY! what a faux pas! ( all you experts can stop laughing now!) the 5wt rod would not carry the 8 wt line as it bent like a willow twig and the line just flopped everywhere but right. I thought I could "cheat" on this trip and take my 5 wt rod (which I use every week) with the larger reel and not have to swing the slightly heavier 8 wt rod. Nope, it don't work that way. I keep the 5 pound dumbell at work for strength training the 165 pound dumbell who is typing. LOL! The heavier rod can cast in the wind better because of its stiffness but sometimes the wind was blowing constant over 20 mph and gusting. The line would just go out a little ways and puddle a spaghetti mess right in front of me or blow off to the side 30 feet. This fish is right close to 12 pounds but fought like 25. In the air! left 50 yards! In the air! Right 80 yards! Repeated several times until landed. Hoping to use the flyrod much much more next week. The forecast is calling for rain and a whole lot of silver!
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