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Alaska Trip....this weekend!

Hi guys! Well the year long wait is FINALLY over again and this weekend I fly out from RDU to SEATAC in Seattle for an overnight tourist visit and meet my Bro-in-law his business partner and friend and after a delicious meal at Ivar's House of Clams on the waterfront and then fly out early Sunday to Ketchikan, Alaska. Then we either floatplane or ferry over to Prince of Wales Island for a fantastic week of fishing for Silver Salmon in the rivers, streams and cricks around the southern half of the island. This is my 6th trip and only my third time up with a fly rod in tow. Most of the time is spent slinging hardware with spinning and casting gear. The first year with a fly rod- an 8 weight with a SA large arbor reel and I had just bought it and learned to "almost" cast with it. Then once in the rivers I had to roll cast almost exclusively because of my casting ineptness or heavy tree and brush cover right up to the banks of the waters we fished. One creek had an open area near the mouth but the wind blew me out and I had to resort to slinging hardware to catch fish and avoid the frustration. The last two trips I only managed to flyfish very sparingly due to various reasons and lack of skill the first year being the main one. The flies used are typical AK fare- anything big and pink or egg patterns and Egg Sucking Leeches being the single most effective fly. After the morning limits were caught and processed into the freezer by the group, I'm able beg the vehicle and go solo with my fly rod back to the rivers to do my own thing even though my skill level was low and time short, not to mention the bite was off after 11AM each day. I did dedicate at least one full day last year to nothing but flyrod and managed to fall into a honeyhole near some boulders and caught a limit of 6 Silvers in the 10 pound range in short order. That was my personal best day of the trip as there is just no comparison between longsticking and featherchucking versus slinging hardware and cranking the fish in. Having used my 5 weight only all year for Bass and panfishing the local waters, I feel much more comfortable with a flyrod and have also pulled out the 8 weight to cast in the front yard every now and then. It is a 9 ft 8 weight with a SA large arbor with Orvis Yellow Wonderline for Stripers and a ten foot tapered leader with a short 10 pound mono tippet. Sometimes a little extra weight is added if the fly isn't heavy enough to sink into the zone. So.......any last minute tips, advice, fly choices or jealous envy comments (lol!) are welcome. What would you more experperienced guys and gals do in my place?

This pic is from 2 years ago same place I'm going this weekend. Same rig.

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