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Yada, Yada...... Yada?

Good evening,
The overhaul of the E.S.A. is on hold now, but a vote may be near! Now is the time to contact your Congressman or Woman and let them know that any change to the E.S.A. is unacceptable.
Worldwide, aprox. 7200 species of animals are endangered or threatend. Besides Fish, there are also Coral, Great Apes, Monarch Butterflys, Marine Turtles, Whales and Dolphins. In the United States there are 970+ endangered and 270+ threatened animal species. Main reason.......Habitat destruction!
The Department of Interior passed its spending bill for 06, and Conservation suffered, loosing $700 Mill. from last years total. Only a few areas saw increases including the National Wildlife Refuge System.
Every State in the West, indeed every State in the Nation has some form of Species Habitat reintroduction, upgrade, maintainence issue that is ongoing.

Each one of these issues, and many others need our attention, the Idaho Fish and Game on-line input for upgrades in fishing regs. that is accessable here on the Forum is one that comes to mind.
Heres an easy one.
Want to make a huge difference in the Enviromental scene this weekend, or this month?
The Oregon Great Fall Beach Clean-up is this Saturday, hope to see you out there. But you dont have to live here to make the same impact. Sometime this month, grab a couple of trash bags and go down to the waterway, with the kids or the little woman, or by yourself, and spend a few hours cleaning up. Those 1000 or so species will thank you for it.

Help....They can't ask for themselves, but as a friend I'm asking for them.

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