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Right Here! is a good start....

keep reading the forum entries and asking Q's. Local library for flyfishing books, the bookshops for magazines, cruise to a local flyshop and chat with proprietors and guides. Check online with reputable dealers of gear. I'm only a couple of years into this passion and feel quite the newbie still myself. Casting lessons would be a good thing or a how-to DVD or video. I keep a 5 pound dumbell at work next to my computer and use it in either hand as I'm learning to cast left-handed for when my right gets fatigued. Hit the local waters and strike up a conversation with a fly-rodder-when he or she is not overly occupied with the business at hand. Money wise....boy! you can spend the paycheck and only get a reel or the rod or go easy on the budget and get the best you can afford and wear it out and save up for better as you progress. Lots of different ways to flick a fly......HTH and best of luck!
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