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The post was neither boring nor too long. Very worthwhile topic.

Ideally, fish you're intending to release should not be removed from the water, if at all possible. If they are removed from the water, avoid any squeezing of their mid-sections or any "rough" handling. Wear a soft-cotton glove if you want . This will help you get a grip on these slippery, muscular fish without having to apply too much pressure.

Use barbless hooks if you intend to release the majority of your fish.

Watch out for blood coming from the fish's gills or mouth. A fish will sometimes take a fly deep in the throat, and the hook can easily puncture an artery. A bleeding fish is mostly a dead fish. Whether you keep it, or release it to be devoured by crayfish, is up to you.

Play the fish you intend to release as quickly as possible. The longer a fish fights, the more lactic acid builds up, and the harder it is for the fish to recover.

The fact that the beauty you released escaped forcefully from your grasp would indicate, in most cases, that the fish would survive.

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