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Guided float trip

Hi. I'm going on an all day guided float trip for trout next weekend, my first. Any guides who check this forum I'd love to get your opinion.

Any do's or don'ts as the client? I plan on asking questions all day long, I'm doing this to learn as much as possible. But I want to be a good client also. The guy is aware that I'm a beginner, this is my first summer. I've taken a casting class but there are certainly things he might be asking me to do that I'm just not very good at (mending line comes to mind). But I'm a quick learner and a good listener, I hope I can do what I need to on the water to catch some of the fish he's going to put me over.

And what's the deal, do you tip? Like you would at a restaurant? And if I asked him if he minded if I brought a couple cold beers along would that give the impression I'm not very serious about it?

Just wondering about some of the etiquette involved.

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