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New to list, C&R question

Hi. This is my first summer fly fishing (for all intents and purposes, my first summer fishing at all, although I used to go as a kid and catch bluegill from time to time). And I am absolutely hooked. I have taken a casting class and practice regularly and read everything I can get my hands on.

I started out fishing for smallmouth in the Shenandoah near my house. Man, are they fun! And I've recently tried for some trout in a nearby stream. In two trips I have caught three nice rainbows. The most recent catch is the one I have a question about.

This was a beautiful fish, my best ever, about 16" (if my little picture shows up to the side, that's the one). I did NOT want this opportunity to pass without a quick picture. I was very careful with this fish, but was standing in a creek on slippery ground. I had to get him to shore and put the net down. I took a quick picture, struggled a little with the hook (they are so much harder to handle than the smallmouth I'm used to -- so muscular and slippery), but had him back in the water in fairly short order. But it took quite some time for him to revive, it really worried me for a minute. But then he finally snapped out of it and swam away very strongly (I was holding his tail waiting and when he took off, there was no holding him back).

But it took a lot longer than I expected. Is this normal? The other two trout I caught didn't have this problem. Does it sound like I hurt this fish? I know as I gain experience I'll get more efficient at removing hooks and stuff, but in the meantime I don't want to hurt these fish.

Sorry for the very long and boring first post. I have another question but I'll post it separately (and shorter).

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