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Originally Posted by teflon_jones
That combo sounds like a decent one to start out with for bass, and you can use it for trout too. A couple more things you need to buy are line nippers and a hemostat (hook remover/fly holder). Sure, you can live without these, and use something else to clip your line, but the small $$$ they cost are more than made up for by the time and effort they save you!

For flies, you should get some poppers and streamers. They're going to let you catch bass and panfish until your arm gets tired. For poppers, I generally lean towards white/green for bass, and anything for panfish (they're not picky). For streamers, I use just about any color known to man except white for bass. But panfish love white streamers.
Thanks for the great post, Teflon. Are line nippers the same thing as fingernail trimmers? And juro, the largest bass we have around here are 3 lb. smallmouth and the occasional 5 lb. largemouth. When I said monster, I kind of exaggerated.
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