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Any conventional or single foot wire guide set will work fine for that application. Just match it to your rod length when ordering. As for a a grip/seat. a blank of that length and weight begs for a LIGHT real seat. My personal prefference would be for a cork/wood sliding ring real seat with a fine tapered grip. However, a traditional nut lock seat is fine as long as the hardware is light weight/profile.

FWIW, I feel it's hard to go too wrong with Cabelas kits. $59 will get you a more than decient handle kit (prefitted), matched guide set , tip , winding checks, brushes, 3 colors of thread , epoxy and finish PLUS a spare IM 7 blank in your choice of length 7 weight. ( BTW, I actually preffer their finsih to Flex coat. It's hard to mess up and keeps in those foil pouches for a LONG time.)

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No affiliation but I have had allot of experience with their rod building selection.

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