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Originally Posted by juro
Bryce -

The most valueable thing in my flyfishing learning curve has not been cheap equipment but sage advice, which I have found only at flyshops or in more rare moments talking to the old hands on the water.

We can offer some advice on line to help right here on the forum, but the best advice is to build a relationship with one or more fly shops. The returns are worth many times the savings on cheap gear on line, and the internet only makes shops anywhere in the country easier to interact with. Send some emails, ask some questions and if you find they have the knowledge you can use then you've hit the jackpot.

As far as bass on the fly, I've always preferred to use at least a 7wt because I like to throw big flies and go for the beer keg bass. I've caught them on light rods but frankly I could not move them out of the weeds - and these are northern bass which are smaller than your bass due to the shortened growing period.

I would look at a 7wt unless you want something to double as a trout rod.
Thanks for the help, juro. Much appreciated. I think i've got my sights set on a Bass Pro Shops Dogwood Canyon outfit. It's got everything I need. Except the actual flies. It's got an 8' 6'', 5/6 weight rod, reel, fly line, backing line, tapered leader. What else would I need if I got this? Sorry for all the newbie questions. I'm just trying to get started in the right direction.

BTW, I'm going to hit the fishing stores around here pretty soon, asking the local guys for advice as well.


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