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Did you try to tie a pattern with some EP-Fibers?
It's great stuff, especially when you use it to form a body,- the main shape - on top you could dress it with some shiny, sparkling stuff, and some peacock strands to form some stripes..
A trick that helps to keep the sparkling stuff in shape is to carefully melt the ends of the sparkling stuff (i use christmastree decoration, but commercially available with the name angel hair) and press it togheter, cut it in shape and you'll have a baitfish imitation that will keep it's shape when wet, and best of all, it will maintain the shapes and contours.

Is there a picture from these baitfish available somewhere?(edit...i saw a great example in the BV-article...)
It's a shame that i can only give it a try (to tie that is..) untill the end of next week..i'll try it anyway, will post a pic..

Greetz, Limpe

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