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OK here goes an unpopular view. GLOBAL WARMINGT DID NOT CAUSE THE HURRICAINE!! There were worse ones in the 1930-50's. Political hacks want uniformed pepole to further communist/socialist agenda by trying to balme everything on America/Bush. The water in the gulf was not "warmer than normal". Who knows what it was 200 years ago, let alone 2,000 or 2 million. The earth's temps were much warmer in the 1500's than today, and of course we have had many ice ages and relative warm cycles. All of this was not do to George Bush, the USA or "global warming" ( global warming meaning it is from "bad" so called greenhouse gases from evil USA).

Fish kills are from poor management of the rivers by local industry. I know, my home waters are the former USA Maine salmon rivers of the narraguagus, penobscot, and machias rivers. These formaer great rivers have declined from a combination of about 10 factors, 9 of them are local ( one is high seas netting).

Anyway, back to fishing.

Tight Lines,

Jim Y
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