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I cycle to and from work on a cycle path that runs along the river Kelvin, that flows into and through the west end of Glasgow and into the river Clyde. It has seen improved runs of Salmon and Sea Trout, as bankside industry has slowed. It is still very much an urban river with various seepages from landfill sites and other nasties getting into the water.
Twice this year I have seen fish kills; once early on with a lot of juvenile fish and brown trout dead, and once this week with a good number of Salmon dead along eight miles of the river.
Both of these fish kills have followed unseasonably hot weather. However, other smaller streams within a 30 mile radius have not suffered the same fate. It must be the impact of hot weather reducing the oxygen content, where the oxygen is already low due to poor water quality.
SEPA(Scottish Environmental Protection Agency) were informed on both counts. I will try to follow their results to a conclusion.
I just hope it was a natural occurence and the river isn't being poisoned by poachers. It would be a shame to see ignorance and greed hinder a good recovery of an urban river.
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