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thanks guys for the welcome and replies...

My personal best gar (though non-fly caught) is 54 inches-measured and weight guess-timated of 18-19 pounds. THAT guy was a beast! and most gar I've caught were sight fished with cut bait under a float. So I'll just adapt my water craft and stalking to the flyrod. I'm familiar with the gar's bony, toothy mouth and head and did get slashed by "ole needle teeth" across the knuckles 2 years back by a yard long mad fish right when I went to de-hook it. I bled like crazy. Guess he didn't like the pliers getting near his eye! LOL! The nylon rope fly is also used for spinning gear gar fishing as is the panty hose lure. I tie up some "nyla-flys" soon and see if I can tease one into a strike. great to be aboard.
"Time's fun when you're having flies!"
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