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Last summer and fall in Southeast Alaska.....

there was a similar event to what Greg described as happened on Kodiak Island. Each Sept for the last 5 years my brother- in- law from Salt Lake City, myself and a couple other guys fish on Prince of Wales Island targeting the fabulous Coho return. We even run into some of the same groups each year from Montana and chat/compete with them. Anyway the island averages 12 feet of yearly rainfall with 20-25 days of any given month seeing some amount of precip. So last year they had a "bluebird summer" which was unusual in itself but was both welcomed and dreaded by the locals and lodgeowners. Great for business and tourists bringing $$$ in but bad for the fish that would be migrating into the freshwater in the fall. Consequently, the King Salmon season was great during the summer but the lack of rainfall lowered the rivers, streams and cricks to a trickle. The Coho stayed in the salt MUCH longer and "ripened" for spawning while awaiting the rain. The commercial fisheries had a heyday netting up the loitering schools and our trip was tough fishing. Many of the Silvers we caught last fall were blush or dark and I personally caught several with sealice with one inch tails that were as red as a watermelon. Beautiful fishing weather but we needed the rain. This fall things are back to "normal". It won't take too many bluebird summers to make a noted difference in the climate and fisheries in the temperate rainforest of Soggy Southeast Alaska.
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