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Global Warming

It would interesting to know the impact global warming is having on these fish kills. High water temperature seems to be a common factor in the instances cited. I don't claim to be an expert either, just someone who reads enough to be dangerous, but hopefully in a positive way. Are the players involved in these scenarios looking at the temperature changes these salar have encountered over the recent years, and not just in the rivers but in their overall environments as well?

Though not directly related, the recent Katrina hurricane disaster was said to have occurred, at least in part, because the storm had passed over unusally warm water before devastating the gulf coast. The question "Should we rebuild New Orleans?" keeps coming up as if no one thinks its possible there will be a repeat of this disaster in the future. I have yet to read of anyone pointing out that as long as the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico are warmer than usual, the chances of a devastating repeat hurricane are greater than in earlier times when ocean temperatures were cooler.

Maybe I digress here, but of all the environmental insults salar needs to hurdle, global warming may be one of the most serious. And what makes this problem insidious is that it is difficult to pin down and get our leaders to take action. Not enough attention is being paid to global warming.
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