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Dude! here's something from a fellow NC'er

Though I have kids your age, I'm also just getting started at this new game of feather chucking and it is a hoot. I have fished for any and everything and before fly rodding ....carp fishing was my favorite. If you have ever caught one.....then you know what I mean. I have yet to target them on the fly yet but I will.

Here's what I did. I went to SprawlMart (gasp!) and picked up a 5 weight Scientific Angler rod and matching SA reel. Click and pawl drag. the reel is now toast from lots of fish!. I also stopped by the local library and checked out some flyfishing books (saved moneythat way too) and read up a bit on it. Lefty Kreh has great book called something like 101 tips for beginners or close to it. If you can't find one, let me know and I'll mail you mine. Then for nearly a month I praticed casting in the front yard. Then went to the local town reservoir and gave it a go with a piece of yarn tied on - no hook. SPLASH! SPLASH! SPLASH! red face and eyes rolling! went back home and SAT DOWN in the front yard and practiced casting. Number one goof/lesson. Flyfishing is frequently done standing IN the water NOT standing on the surface of the water. The sitting down part simulates the lawn becoming the water surface and helps you keep your line above it. No more SPLASH! SPLASH! SPLASH! Learn short, smooth, consistent, accurate casting and the rest will come. Avoid learning with lots of wind. I still flub up but am catching fish and tying ugly flies and mostly having a great time. Get the best equipment you can afford to see if you'll stick with it. Ebay has good deals. The combo is a good start. Then save your lunch money or sell junk on eBay and buy something really nice that will last a lot longer than the entry level gear. Good line like forward weight floating and line dressing makes a BIG difference especially after you've soaked your flyline for a while. Over there in the mountains are some fly shops. Cruise them and the internet sites like this and see what you can learn. Hope this helps!

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