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Newbie fly fisherman!

Hey all! Let me go ahead and introduce myself. My name's Bryce, and I'm a high school student looking to do some fly fishing. I'm no stranger to fishing. I've done quite a few different types of fishing, just never tried fly fishing. I know virtually nothing about fly fishing, except the very basics. I was wondering if you guys could suggest a good beginner's outfit. Something pretty inexpensive. ('Cause after all, I am a high school student ) Pflueger has an outfit for sale on Bass Pro that looks decent, and is very inexpensive. but i'm open to anything, so whatever you guys think would be best! Also, my dad, nor any of my other relatives fly fish, so I have no way of really learning. I really don't want to have to pay for "lessons" either. Are there any good books that will help me get off the ground? Like "Fly Fishing for Dummies"? Sorry if I've come across as too much of a newbie, but I really am pretty ignorant to this type of fishing, so bear with me! Thanks.

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