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Thumbs up Counting days...

Just 4 more days...
On saturday morning my beloved will kick me out of the car at the airport, hopefully she doesn't shut the tailgate so that my "rucksack" will be flying out of the car while she's taking that last sharp passenger-delivery-turn in Jeff Gordon Style....

With the biggest smile i'll show my ticket at the check in counter (cuz i got it really really cheap) and hopefully will pass customs without any hassles...last year i had some split-shot in my hand-luggage, man those guys are serious....
Altough i don't look like the average terrorist, they have the ability to make you feel like one...the big smile along with the frase "man...i'm gone fishin' " didn't come off my face despite this "small" issue...

Then i'll hook up with my friends and hopefully if we are on the right plane we'l be heading for Oslo-Norway.
In Oslo we'll be finding the local Wrent-A-Wreck to pick up that nasty station wagon, trying to get all the gear in the car while keeping some place for a driver and 4 other flyfishermen.
After that wonderfull scenic ride we'll arrive at the camp-site, and we already made the bets of who is the fastest man in the water to hook a grayling..

Oh...the total time of travelling wil be around 8 to 9 hours, wich results in waking up and after some hours finding yourself in a totally different and very peacefull scenery, with of course a wonderfull river wich holds numerous and generous amounts of grayling who will be anxious to rise to our flies we tied in the previous months.

Yes...4 more days..

Isn't the anticipation 50% of a fishing trip?

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