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Baitfish patterns for bonefish

Hi Everyone
I am getting ready for a trip to Los Roques in Venezuela next month. I need a few fly pattern ideas.
The situation is like this.
I have been to LR on a number of occaisions now and have caught bones with every fly I know.
I have used gotchas, clousers, small decievers, gummy minnows, merkins etc. etc.

What I need is the ultimate imitation sardine.

In Los Roques the baitfish (sardines) swim along the beaches in very large dense swarms. The bonefish swim through the school and pick off the odd fish. When a Pelican dives into the baitfish, the bones worry the Pelican into opening his beak.
A cast almost on the Pelican's head often works.
However often the bonefish are very choosy and despite the fact that they are feeding vigourously and aggresively then often turn down the fly.
I need a fly which is so lifelike and identical to a live sardine that the bonefish will not refuse it when it is feeding.

Is there such a pattern or is it just wishfull thinking on my part?

I really appreciate any help.

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