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Thank you for images.Just what excepted.I suppose not possible with overhand cast-just spey and 14-15 " rods
Every one must think and evaluate if the goal is BIG salamon or normal salamon/marvelous nature.From my point of wiew salar fishing consists of those parts:
Beatiful salamon in beatiful surrondings.
With trash,pollution ,depressive villages may be fisherman become a little negative.(that can may be adjusted with russian vodka by nighttime Murmansk?)
Any way may be I try one week in Kola river next year in June (or Rhynda).
It`s not so far anyway from my homewaters (Alta river) It`s possible to drive by my own car all the way.
I read that "wrke" mentioned in the fall, they get a second run of fish called Osenkas, Atlantic salmon that can also be very large.
In Norway we also have a second run of fish in fall by they do not spawn in the river. Just return to the sea in spring and stay one year in sea and then return.

In Ponoi and the rivers south of that they have a second run and they stay 1 year ,spawn and go back to the sea the year after.
So all russians rivers have the Osenkas?
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